Car - Beauvais Airport

Beauvais Airport is over 50 miles from Paris and can be accessed using the A16 Autoroute, Junction 15 (Beauvais Nord). After exiting the toll plaza you will come to a roundabout, follow the sign marked Beauvais-Tille with an airplane logo. It is the second right. This will put you on the D901. At the second junction follow the sign marked again Beauvais-Tille with an airplane logo. This will take you to the D1001, from there just continue to follow the signs Beauvais-Tille and an airplane logo. Just before you arrive at the airport you will drive down a long road. There will be airport parking on your left and the airport on your right. There is a drop off lane at the end of this road in front of the airport terminal. There is also a sign leading to the car parks.

Leaving from Beauvais Airport

Depending on where you are going to the easiest thing to do is follow the signs marked A16. This will lead you to the Motorway (Autoroute) that can take you to Paris. This also puts you in the direction of the town of Beauvais. To get to the town of Beauvais you will follow the A16 signs until you see signs marked Beauvais Centre.

If you are thinking of driving to Disneyland Paris please see - Driving from Beauvais Airport to Disneyland Paris for more information.