Porte Maillot to Charles de Gaulle Etoile

Journey time 5 minutes.

For your ticket you can buy a 5 zone 'Carte Mobilis' for €12.30 that will get you from Paris to Disneyland and back on the same day. With a ball point pen you will need to enter your name and date on the Carte Mobilis. Another option is to buy a single ticket for €6.30. There are other options like a week pass should you be travelling over a number of days.

At the ticket barrier pass through using your ticket. Turn left (Direction Chateau Vincennes). Bear right then go down the stairs and turn right onto the platform.

Trains run about every 2 minutes.

Once the Métro train has arrived at the platform, take great care of the step from the platform to the train - there is a large gap.

Take the Métro two stops to Charles de Gaulle Etoile station. Once the train arrives there turn right and walk up the platform.

At the sign 'RER A St Germain en Laye, Poissy, Cergy, Boissy St Leger, Marne la Vallée/Disney' turn left.

Go down the stairs and continue straight on - the corridor will bear to the right and you'll arrive at the ticket barrier. Use your Mobilis to exit. Then make a U turn and go down the escalator. Continue down the next escalator and then at the bottom turn left. The corridor here bears right and at the end you will find yourself on the platform for the RER A train.

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