Beauvais Airport to Chantilly


Hi looking at using Beauvais Airport for a trip to Chantilly. Please could you advise how we would get there by using buses and or trains and how far it is from the airport? Thanks


I'm not sure of the exact distance from the Beauvais Airport to Chantilly. To get to Chantilly you can take the shuttle that goes from the airport to the Beauvais train station. At the train station you can take a train to Chantilly (called Chantilly-Gouvieux in French). There isn't a direct train, you will either transfer in Creil or Paris (Gare de Nord station), making one or two transfers. You won't need a reservation and there look to be trains throughout the day. Not sur of total travel time but think it should be less than 1.5 hours. I suggest taking a train with a transfer in Creil as I think that would be easiest.

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