Beauvais Airport to Le Touquet


The quickest way to get from Beauvais Airport to le Touquet. We are 8 golfers needing transport to our hotel thanks for your help.


I believe the quickest way would be to rent a van (or two cars might be cheaper if you are eight) and driving. It should take you only a few hours to drive to Le Touquet. That could be a bit pricey but it would be faster than going into Paris by coach and then taking the train to Le Touquet. For information on renting a van or car at Beauvais please see Beauvais Airport Car Hire.

The cost to get to Le Touquet one way by coach and then train is about 43 euros per person, 13 euros to get to Paris by coach and then another 30 euros to get to Le Touquet by train.

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