Beauvais Airport to Rouen


I need transportation from Beauvais airport to Rouen on aug 8th at 18.00. Is there any bus service to Rouen either form the airport or from downtown? can you help me?


Only buses I could find are with the SNCF, French train company, who use buses for part of the trip from Beauvais to Rouen. But it is possible there is bus service out there. If you can't find a bus, my suggestion is to take the airport shuttle to Paris and then take a train to Rouen. Not very direct I know but it might be your best bet. As all trains I saw went from Beauvais to Paris and then Paris to Rouen. Travel time from Beauvais to Rouen via train is 4-5 hours. You can book a train ticket online or buy the day you travel.

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