Rouen to Beauvais Airport


Want to get to Beauvais Airport from Rouen: Could you tell appropriate transport bus or train. Only found one train per day.


I had a look on the SNCF (French Train Company) web site - and depending on the day there are form 0 to 3 trains. But that's Rouen to Beauvais with a transfer in Abencourt. You could just as easily go Rouen to Paris. In Paris you arrive in Gare Saint-Lazare. From there you would need to get to Paris-Porte Maillot to take the shuttle to Beauvais Airport. I'm really not sure what is the best way to go; it all depends on dates and times. My guess is travel time is anywhere from 2 (train from Rouen to Beauvais via Abencourt) to 5.5 (train to Paris + Beauvais Airport shuttle) hours.

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