Shuttle Schedule


I want to catch a bus to Beauvais from the airport but I do not have a timetable. Do they run frequently? I found one timetable but there only seemed to be about 6 buses a day with a big gap in the middle of the day when Ryanair arrives/departs.

Is there a bus to Amiens?


I'm not sure what schedule you are talking about but I found one on the official Beauvais Airport web site. To get to it, on the top right click on Timetable then in the drop down menu click Shuttle Airport Downtown. This downloads the schedule.
This schedule seems to be to be the one you described. I count 11 buses but as you say there aren't a lot in the middle of the day.
As for getting to Amiens, there might be a bus that goes that way but if so I don't know about it. The cost to take the train is £14.50; you can buy a ticket the day you travel. Trains seem to leave one per hour throughout the day.

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