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Frequently Asked Questions - Paris–Beauvais Airport (BVA)

Frequently Asked Questions

What do flyers that used Beauvais Airport think of it?

In general, flyers like Beauvais Airport. Why? Low cost is the chief attraction. The airport is cheap and easy to use. Users report helpful and friendly staff. The biggest drawback is its location, as Beauvais Airport is 55 miles from Paris (an hour and a half by car). 

For passenger opinions, see Passenger Opinions about Beauvais Airport.

Just where is Beauvais Airport?

Beauvais Airport is located in Tille, France, a few miles from the town of Beauvais and about 55 mile north of Paris.

How far is Beauvais Airport from Paris?

Beauvais Airport can be reached in about an hour and fifteen minutes from Paris by shuttle bus and up to an hour and a half by taxi. 

How can I get to Beauvais Airport?

There is a regularly scheduled shuttle bus from Paris-Porte Maillot along with train service from Paris Gare du Nord train station. See Beauvais Airport Access for more information.

Is Beauvais really Paris’ third airport?

That depends. According to a number of Airlines like RyanAir it is.

Is it really necessary to use Beauvais Airport to get the cheapest ticket to Paris?

Not always, a number of other low cost airlines fly out of Orly and can at times depending on destination be cheaper than Beauvais Airport. It always pays to shop around.

Are there any nearby hotels?

Yes, there are a number of hotels near Beauvais Airport. Most require a taxi ride to get to. 

Can I park my car at Beauvais Airport?

Yes. Parking is available and does include over night. Just remember that Beauvais Airport is not a 24-hour airport and the car park is unattended.

Is it possible to sleep at Beauvais Airport?

Normally no. Notice Beauvais Airport Terminals are not open 24 hours. 

What is the address of Beauvais Airport?

The address of the Beauvais Airport is:
Aéroport de Beauvais-Tillé
Tillé 60000 Beauvais France

For driving directions you can use In the box under ’Place’ write ’Aéroport de Beauvais-Tillé’ and then select France as the country, then click ’ok’.

Is there storage for luggage at the Airport?

There is no storage for luggage at the Airport.



I am trying to get to Beauvais Airport from Charles de Gaulle Airport, can you direct me there please?


My suggestion would be to take public transport from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris. Once in Paris go to Porte Maillot. Then take the Beauvais Airport shuttle to the airport.



I would like to know what time does the first bus to the Beauvais Airport leave from Porte Maillot. My flight leaves at 09h30. Can I make it? Thanks


Generally speaking buses leave three hours before departing flights. So your bus would then leave at 6.30 am.

You can check the timetables at the Airport website. 



I am wondering where I can find information on how to get from the Beauvais Airport to the Beauvais city centre. Is there a website I can visit? How much is it? What are the times of departure?


There is regular bus service between the Airport and the city centre. The cost for the bus from the Airport to Beauvais is €4. You can buy tickets on the bus. For the timetable and stops, visit our bus page



My family and I will be using Beauvais Airport and we want to use the train service to get to Marne-la-Vallee, is it possible to connect with the RER line A from the train station at Beauvais?


Yes, you can take the train from the Beauvais train station and connect to the RER line A. However, first you will need to take the shuttle from the Airport to the Beauvais train station. Then, take the train where you will arrive at Gare du Nord in Paris. From there you can take the RER line B or D and then hook up with the RER line A at Châtelet - Les Halles.
Another way to go with less transfers is to take the Beauvais shuttle from the Airport into Paris and then follow these steps. This option has three transfers and the other has got four.



I need transportation from Beauvais Airport to Rouen on Aug 8th at 18.00h. Is there any bus service to Rouen either form the Airport or from downtown? Can you help me?


Only buses I could find are with the SNCF, French train company, who uses buses for part of the trip from Beauvais to Rouen. But it is possible there is bus service out there. If you can’t find a bus, my suggestion is to take the Airport Shuttle to Paris and then take a train to Rouen. Travel time from Beauvais to Rouen via train is 4-5 hours. You can book a train ticket online or buy it the day you travel.



Which metro or RER station is on the end of shuttle bus? Train goes direct from the Airport, or how far is the train station from the Airport and to which metro or RER station does the train arrive? Thank you very much.


The shuttle from Beauvais Airport to Paris arrives at Porte Maillot (metro line 1 and RER C).

The Airport has no direct train connections. The closest train station is Beauvais SNFC Station, 20 minutes by bus or 10 minutes by taxi from the Airport. If I understand your last question right, you mean the train from the town of Beauvais to Paris. If so, the train from Beauvais arrives at Gare du Nord. There, you can take RER B and D along with metro lines 4 and 5.